Repurposing Nature To Restore The Shoreline
Despite record-breaking harvests, fewer lobsters in Maine
Since 2012, San Francisco has used a natural approach to reinforce the shoreline and minimize coastal erosion while restoring critical eelgrass, Olympia oysters, and tidal marshes.
I wrote a quick news story on the latest report of the American Lobster settlement in the Gulf of Maine. I was able to apply my knowledge of the marine science subject

Kazakhstan offers more clues on plight of Kazakhs in China

Traveling exhibition leaves scandal in its wake

Within a day of Kazakhstani parliamentary hearing, reported on government’s negotiations with China to release Kazakhs from reeducation camps in Xinjiang.
A chance for contemporary Kazakh artists to showcase their work is overshadowed by mismanagement and dodgy contracting. 

Study uses COVID-19 to isolate causes of air pollution

Storm research helps Maine prepare for extreme weather

Kazakhstan's airborne levels of toxic chemicals rose above the standard limits. I interviewed scientists and activists about air in the nation's largest city during COVID
Worked on a long-form magazine piece on storm surges and the ways the State of Maine is preparing for extreme weathers. Wrote the sidebar and parts of the story pertaining to university research

Kazakhstan: health after the Nazarbayev era

He Got a Bike for His 8th Birthday. He Was Killed Riding It

Health improved under former President Nursultan Nazarbayev's 30 year rule, but public frustration suggests more progress is needed. With starting salaries at $150 per month, doctors are growing discontent 
A bike ride outside his Brooklyn apartment turned fatal for Dalerjon Shahobiddinov, a 10-year-old  boy from Uzbekistan. I contributed reporting to this piece that ran on the bottom of the front page on Oct. 25, 2019

World’s First Open Sea Whale Sanctuary In Iceland 

When Political Dissent Is A Family Affair

Two beluga whales from China are headed to the first open sea beluga whale sanctuary in the world. Some caution against moving whales from one form of enclosure to another.
Change is female in the presidential transition of Kazakhstan, a republic ruled by a same man for 30 years. Inside the lives of artists turned activists, silent no more

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